One of our specialties at The Moving Experience is working with relocating clients. This includes personalized tours of the Triangle area, prior to relocating. Concierge services for all individual and family real estate needs offered before, during and after relocation.

The Moving Experience begins with a comprehensive evaluation of executive candidates, to gain knowledge of interests, hobbies, etc. Based on the results of this evaluation we will conduct an extensive tour with the candidate to familiarize them with the Raleigh/Durham area, focusing on areas of specific interests. Following the candidate's tour, we will begin the home search process. Once settled in a new home, we will continue to assist candidates and families, if applicable, with choice of doctors, dentists and all facets of their day to day living needs. Our goal is to make the relocation experience as stress-free as possible. We have partnered with many vendors, contractors and human resource groups to enable us to attend to every need.


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