Fall Back - Home maintenance tips for cooler weather

Setting our clocks back one hour this weekend serves as a great reminder to prepare our homes for cooler weather that may be just around the corner. Although pipes rarely freeze during the winter in the Triangle of North Carolina, we do get a good share of snow and colder weather.

Here are some tips to prepare your home for the colder months:

  • Replace your HVAC filters before switching the system to heat

  • Replace batteries in smoke detectors and install carbon monoxide detectors if you plan to use gas logs or a wood burning fireplace

  • If your home sits on a vented crawlspace, check your pipes and insulation for direct exposure - install new insulation to properly cover pipes and sub-flooring

  • Clean your gutters to remove any debris that may clog downspouts during heavy rains

  • Add mulch to flower beds to protect plants from hard frosts

  • Repair weather stripping around doors where you may feel a draft - this will keep the inside of your home warmer and help lower utility bills

  • Detach any irrigation systems that may be connected to external hose bibs - these may freeze during the winter, causing damage to installed above-ground irrigation systems